Twiddling thumbs and other…

I noticed something this week that surprised me.  I can’t relax.  I can’t just sit and relax.  I also can’t seem to be able to do something for more than five minutes without moving to something else.

This explains SOOO much.  Like the three books I am currently reading (and the other ten books I finished in between starting the current three).

As I am writing this, I have started book number 4, The Gunslinger by Stephen King.  I have never read it and the movie is coming out soon.  I need to be prepared.

the sad truth

there was a time when the message ping on my phone would excite me. i would grab my phone eagerly excited about the new incoming message, or alert of call.

Now every ping makes my heart rate spike, and not in a good way.  i hate every ping, every message that i have to respond to, every call that i have to take or make.  i wish i could toss the phone away. My mother can be very incessant. and not in a good way.She cares, she is doing what feels right to her.  checking up on her kids. cant blame her.

My mind though,just wants peace and quiet and rest.  Something that it hasn’t had in years.  Something that it will never have.  worry is a part of life and so is stress. but they can be exhausting and the constant ring of the phone doesn’t help.

So,i am going to set my phone to vibrate and see how that works out.