i have been battling anxiety and depression for a while.  i am doing great so far,but i was recently blindsided  by a decision i had to make. it was not so much the decision as the way i was approached.  i was not offered a choice, it was pretty much i have signed you up for this, i expect you to attend.

No questions of whether or not i was available or interested.  and it took me awhile.  After a few hours and 10 ml of antacid, i was able to explain, CALMLY that i was not interested, and that i would not be attending.

There was shock i think, because i usually say yes when family makes unreasonable demands on me and on my time.  This time i put me first, and i am happy with myself, so far. trying to shut out the negative voices in my head i have found is the hardest part.  the voices that tell you to just give in.


New month , new goals?

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