unfortunate events

I had one of those days today.  My plumbing decided to teach me a lesson in patience.  I woke up bright and early and planned my day.  I have been looking forward to today since last week.. I take my longest showers on Sunday’s.  I just stand there luxuriating in the cascade of hot water not worrying about my utility bills.  But today I was in for a rude surprise.  I turned the tap to the left and … nothing.  Not a drop of water.

Instant panic!!

Called my neighbor and asked her for the plumber’s number.  Called the plumber and he says he will come in an hours time. I wait and wait and wait and watch my beautiful Sunday slip away.

Two hours later than the agreed upon time he turns up.  Twenty minutes later my shower is up and running and I think, damn I should take plumbing classes.



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