It Works!!!!!

Monday Morning, 5:30 am, my sister breezes in to my room all frantic, she has presentation at work and she cant find her flash disk. she also has nothing to wear to work on Tuesday.  she asks me to do her laundry.  i stumble into her room, bleary eyed, cant see anything clearly, i pick up her laundry basket, i dont sort anything. i just upend the whole thing into the washing machine and go back to bed.  Two hours later, as i take out the laundry ,i discover ooops, i did not check her pockets.  i had put in her precious 16GB flash into the wash.

What to do what to do?  i remember the old rice trick. so i delicately  place her precious into a cup of rice.

today i wake up feeling lucky!!! i take out her precious and insert it into my computer!!!IT works.

I call my sister and confess everything.

Its my lucky day, she is feeling very forgiving today.








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