Life Lesson: Eat first!

Where I am from,one of the markings of good woman is one who feeds guests first.  I used to believe that too until i spent a few holidays with my grandmother and we were always hungry and cranky.  Not because there was no food, but because guests are a demanding lot.  They do not give one a chance to sit and relax and enjoy a meal.  So i changed that philosophy to, eat first feed your guests when you are full.  i tell everyone who is hosting this. they always look at me like i am a crazy greedy woman.  Well yesterday it happened again, i said we should eat before the guests, i got the look and I backed down from my hard stance.  let us just say i lived to regret it. i did not get to eat anything last night!!!

Well that will teach me!! We have life lessons for a reason.  so life  lesson, eat before your guests arrive and that will make you a more accommodating host.


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