New Town Blues


This is the view from a friend’s sitting room window.  That is what she has to look at everyday.i think the people in the picture live there.  i have been by her place a few times and they seem to always to be there living among the garbage.  i miss the rolling wheat fields and farmlands of my small town.

SAM_2471 (2).JPG


I recently moved to the big city from a small town.  To be honest, the dominant feeling elicited by the move was trepidation. Every body in my family was excited and all that went through my mind was “God give me strength”.  It is noisy, i have to travel a long long distance to get anywhere and walking is a pain.  Not to mention not knowing where to get anything!!

But the worst thing is how heart breaking it is riding in to town on the bus.  There are so many people who live on the streets.  It is quite depressing and heart breaking and just sad.









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