A haunting

You know that shadow that fly’s by the corner of your eye?  The one that no matter how hard you try you can’t follow?  You know the one that makes you wonder if you are in a horror movie or if you are the subject of a prank?

I have been seeing that shadow a lot lately.  We are old friends my shadow and I.  Penning out my demons has forced me to reflect and through my reflections I have realized something interesting.  My shadow usually manifests when I am not getting enough sleep. I have had an average of three hours of sleep this week.

I hate insomnia. I love my sleep and lack of sleep means that I will be cranky and tired.  States of being I endeavour to avoid. I tried to walk myself to exhaustion today.  I walked 15km and all I got for my trouble is an inflamed knee.

Meanwhile my shadow keeps flirting in and out of the corner of my eye.


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