I am not strange, you are.

My cousin recently made a comment about me during a family gathering.  The comment was directed towards my not secret love for everything Star Trek.  She said “stop living in your own world”.  This is a statement she and my sister always make whenever i try to make conversation.  Since my “world” revolves around Science, Speculative Fiction, graphic novels, Doctor Who, Sherlock and other pursuits and interests which are deemed ‘irregular’, i get this statement a lot.

Last month, while i was talking about something Neil deGrasse Tyson had said (i was rewatching Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey) and they cut me off with their usual statement, and i told them, “My dreams are valid”.  There was a lot of eye rolling at this point.  My mom, the peacemaker swiftly changed the subject.

I got the same statement again last earlier this month but this time i said nothing.  What i did was remind myself that these were the same people who did not notice when i was suicidal and depressed despite occupying the same living space.  They did not notice when i did not say a word or leave my room for days.  i should not let their narrow view of what is “right” constrict me.

I have to remind myself that their negativity does not define me.  I live in “my own world” but i am not alone, there are millions of Trekkies in there with me.



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