The Ides of March

I had a beautiful morning.  The sky was cloudy and it looked like rain.  After months of scorching heat, this was a welcome respite.  My mood was buoyant and i was smiling at one and all.

Then someone stopped me and said “Don’t be too happy, your day might end terribly.”

So i asked him “Do you want me to frown?”  he replied, “Just stop smiling.”

I just looked at him, smiled and got on to the bus.  I wonder if i should have taken his warnings more seriously because i did have a crappy end to a beautiful day.

Since i was enjoying my fabulous day, i went to visit my cousin at his place of business.  He was, as always,happy to see me but he was too busy to chat so i just hang around waiting for him to get a free moment so that we could catch up.

As i was browsing, his shop attendant came up to me and said hello.  I noted that he was intoxicated and i did not engage him in conversation, i just said  hello and turned to walk away.  He grabbed my arm and held it in a bruising grip.  i shrugged off his hand, so he grabbed me again, i told him to stop and shrugged off his hand again.

He grabbed me a third time and this time i managed to shrug off his hand and move away.

He then told me that i was fat and ugly. I was so hurt that i did not say anything.  I just turned away, waved good bye to my cousin who had not witnessed this exchange and went to the Bus stop to board my bus.

My cousin called and sent me a text asking what was wrong, i was so angry and upset that i could not say anything so i wrote him a text and told hm i would talk to him later.

The worst end to what was a beautiful day.




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