I HEAR THE SECRETS YOU WHISPER ——————————————————————— RESPONSE POEM TO “Of Love And Dust #2 By Gina – Singledust

Poet's Corner

As a “Hopeless Romantic”  I wrote the script for the responder
to the question asked in “Of Love And Dust #2

By Charles Robert Lindholm

If our hands touched
I could hear the secrets
your skin whispers to mine,

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Doctor Who?

today started like most Sundays these days.  With fretting, skipping church and questioning my place in the universe.  And then i remembered, i have not caught up with  my Doctor Who episodes.

I love love love The Doctor. I love number 12. i really do.  i think (gasp) he is favourite Doctor to date!!.  I love his wardrobe too!!

Go ye forth and watch, Doctor Who.

He is a madman in a blue box.   (Totally fabulous by the way).